Design to Sell Your Home

You only get one chance to make a first impression when selling or renting out your home.

Do you want to make the very best of your home, get closer to your asking price and sell or rent as quickly as possible? There is a simple solution : interior design

Here are some statistics :

  • Houses in the UK take on average 102 days to sell, according to City Rate of Sale Report released by Post Office Money Mortgages. On average homes which have been designed to sell, take 42 days to sell.
  • On average, homes which have been designed to sell, sell for 8% more. As the average UK property worth is £220,094, that’s an extra £17,607!

The initial consultation is free within 20 miles of Wisbech (fuel cost for further away £5 per 10 miles). This first meeting is to discuss your needs and expectations for the project.

And there are options to suit any budget :

  • If you want to put the suggestions into action yourself, I can provide a To-Do list for £10 per room.
  • If you chose go down the more traditional interior design route, I will prepare a quote to have all the works carried out.


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