Hello and welcome!

My name is Matilda, I am an interior design lover, beginner pole dancer and a creative through-and-through. I also struggle with anxiety and low self esteem. I have begun my journey towards mental wellness through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but I am also making some significant changes to my lifestyle too in my quest for contentment.

After completing a Level 3 Diploma in Interior Design, I took the natural next step and began studying a Degree. However after much self examination, I decided that I was not doing the Degree for the right reasons; I didn’t need it to get to where I wanted to be in my career, I was doing it as I tend to define my worth by achievements. And I knew that a degree wouldn’t be enough to make me love myself. I knew that I’d end up in a lifetime of ‘box ticking’ in order to prove my worth.

So I’m taking a step back. I’m focussing on myself. I’m reading, pole dancing, doing yoga, spending time with friends and family, eating well, having baths by candlelight and just doing exactly what makes me happy.

This blog is for me to document my journey to wellbeing and contentment. It will spark inspiration in challenging time and serve as a reminder for how far I’ve come.

I live with my fiancĂ© (we’re getting married in Vegas in 2023), and I am mother to two beautiful rescue cats, Terence and Bianca (you can check out their instagram here)!


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